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TOPEAGLE INTERNATIONAL LTD. is a leading supplier of top quality industrial sewing machines with 20 years experience in China. Our brand name is TOPEAGLE. After tens of years development,Website:, now we not only supply normal sewing machines, but also supply the sewing machines with high technology, such as automatic pocket welting machines,leather sewing machines, computerized control pattern sewing machines, automatic sewing station. At present, we have 4 production bases for different sewing machines, including apparel sewing machines leather sewing machines, automatic sewing machines and shoe sewing machines. We can supply full range of the industrial sewing machines for apparel production, bag production, shoes production and automobile industry. Now TOPEAGLE industrial sewing machines are widely used in these fields. We always pay top attention on our products, so we gained good reputation in the market. Because of top quality products, top services and reasonable prices, TOPEAGLE industrial sewing machines have been exported to Europe, North America, Middle East, South East Asia, South Asia, Latin America and Africa. We have good cooperation with many top sewing machine dealers in more than 80 countries. Now more and more customers select TOPEALGE brand sewing machines. TOPEAGLE sewing machines,top quality, top service, top customer satisfaction.
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